The village of Polperro is famous for its winding and narrow streets. Crooked houses jostle and lean on each other with others loosely scattered high up the valley sides.

In the heart of the village you could reasonably conclude that there would be precious little scope for gardening. Front doors often open immediately into the street without even a pavement and side access if there is any is often over cobbled paths or from slate steps shared with neighbours.

Some are lucky enough to have rear gardens but they are often nearly vertical or terraced and only observed shrunken by the distance of the only viewppoint - the other side of the valley.

Yet in July and August colour is everywhere - window boxes - tubs - hanging baskets - up steps - every nook and cranny bulges with blooms - a riot of blossom!

Here are some pictures taken in August 2001 - look back later in 2002 for an update!

Brian Shepherd 05/03/2002